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Yo [Apr. 8th, 2004|09:03 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Paul Van Dyk - The Politics of Dancing - Disc 1]

It's been awhile, but I think it's about time I updated. The bigger news most of you probably already know, but eh, I list a quick update anyways, as I have M3 work to do and I plan on being in bed before 11.
-Biggest thing: I moved out of my house roughly a week and a half ago. I'm now living in the house with Issac and Adrianne. It was a change that desperately needed to happen, and now both my Mom and I are much happier. She actually feels compelled to fix up her house now.
-As a result of my moving out without concern for money or transportation, I learned a little about taoism. Everything does seem to fall into place when you follow nature's path rather than struggle against it. Before, I had a dead car, and a stack of bills. I still have that stack of bills with a little rent thrown in that needs to be paid, but I have a car on the way. Mom was apparently impressed enough with me to decide she'd rather help me get a car than let me take a bike to work, even though work is not that far away. So, Wednesday I get a car, thanks to my Mom (whom I have to pay back as soon as possible), and Dan (who directed me towards the person sellng the car). A 90 Honda Accord with a rebuilt engine. Best part is, it's a 5 speed ^^.
-School is finally kicking my ass. I've come to the realization that studying needs to be an everyday thing if I'm gonna learn all these fucking muscles. I got a 72 on my test today, and that's after extra credit so I naturally failed. Very disappointed with me and just a little depressed because of it. But, I'll retake the fucker since I can do that once per unit. A week of hardcore studying will either kill me or make my kung fu stronger.
Speaking of Kung Fu, I watched the first episode of that today thanks to Issac borrowing the DVD box set from his Dad. Oh Kung Fu, where have you been all my life.
And with that, I'm off to do some M3 planning, maybe a little studying in between.
Till nexttime, friends!